Consistency is Key When Writing a Series

It is every author’s worst nightmare. Your most loyal reader is making their way through your latest masterpiece when suddenly they find a mistake. 

You have written two of the novels in your trilogy. However, then you wrote 2 other books before you wrote that last book to tie your series together. You can’t remember every detail and everything that was said from your other two books because it is all jumbled together with the things that occurred in the other two books that you wrote in between.

Each book in your series usually focuses on the development of a different character and those characters are introduced as minor characters in the other books. It is easy to forget the little tidbits from the other novels.

It can help you a great deal to create a document that serves as an outline for when you write the next book. This document should contain everything that your minor character did or said and any descriptions that you included about that character. You want to make sure that how they speak, how they look, their way of thinking and their mannerisms are consistent over the course of the series.

It becomes an invaluable tool to be able to read a 3 page document before writing the next book rather than needing to read your other 2 books over again and try to remember everything or document it after you write them.

Did you already write those books and don’t want to read them over again and do the documentation for the purpose of character consistency? No problem! SMW Services can do this for you and ensure that your work comes across to the reader as consistent and to the standard that the reader expects from you.

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